The company "Flayts" LLC, which is the part of the "MSS Group", has supplied wire harnesses for the reconstruction of MI-8 helicopters involved in a number of humanitarian and rescue operations under contracts of the airline "Ukrainian Helicopters", both with national and international organizations. Complex and responsible work was completed on time and in accordance with the requirements of the provided design documentation from “Air Service” LLC, which offers maintenance services for MI-8. The plans of the company "Flayts" LLC for 2022 year are to become a key manufacturer of harness products for small a aircraft, produced and developed in Ukraine.

15.12.2021 «MSS Group»

The agrarian future of Ukraine is in the hands of modern technologies. It is not the first year that the research and production enterprise "Monada" has been providing farmers with its technologies and software products. The company "Agrosea" is a subsidiary research and production enterprise of "Monada" enterprise. It produces seed sowing control systems, sprayer control and management systems, liquid fertilizer application control systems and other devices. We are proud of the opportunity to join the production of modern electronic devices for the agricultural sector in terms of manufacturing wire harnesses for “Agrosea” LLC. The quality and speed of order fulfillment has been proven by the specialists of "Flayts" LLC.

10.12.2021 «MSS Group»

Modern and reliable school buses appeared in the Rivne region. The first 15 units of Bogdan A22412 school buses were produced at the Lutsk Automobile Plant No. 1 of the JSC AC BOGDAN MOTORS company. The harnesses for these school buses with updated lighting and safety sensors are manufactured by "Flayts" LLC. Operational excellence and high quality management system of "Flayts" LLC allow us to fulfill important orders for our partners.

28.10.2021 «MSS Group»

The company "Flayts" LLC, which is the part of the "MSS Group", performs contracts in the latest technologies of TY/Raihem, opening up the aviation direction of unmanned aerial vehicles. By order of the company LLC APC SKYETON, the manufacturer of the Raibird-3 aviation unmanned system, the wire harnesses were produced. Modern technologies and high quality standards are the main characteristics of the products manufactured by LLC APC SKYETON for defense and commercial purposes. We are proud of our collaboration in modern technologies with a team of professionals.

23.09.2021 «MSS Group»

LLC IC POZHMASHINA has been a supplier of modern fire and rescue equipment for The State Emergency Service of Ukraine for several years. A special responsibility is to ensure the quality of such equipment, which has no right to fail in a difficult moment of fighting fire. High-quality design documentation and safe selected components are what LLC IC POZHMASHINA can be proud of. The task of the "Flayts" LLC staff was to deliver the wiring harnesses on time and ensure their quality for the work of the assembly shop. The order has been completed, and fire departments throughout Ukraine will soon receive new firefighting and rescue vehicles.

17.09.2021 «MSS Group»

We, as manufacturers of wire harnesses, have been working with LLC CAMOZZI for several years. LLC CAMOZZI is the undisputed leader in the pneumatics market. The company offers a wide range of pneumatic equipment, complex solutions in the field of automation of technological processes and production. Our main goal is to be a reliable supplier of wiring harnesses for the complete automation solutions that LLC CAMOZZI offers to its customers. It's nice to be with the industry leader in the implementation of responsible projects.

30.08.2021 «MSS Group»

“MSS Group” has been cooperating with “Agromashinvest” company since 2018 from the very beginning of the design of electrical wiring and wiring harnesses for the first Farmer-11246 tractor with a D-245S engine (MMZ) with a capacity of 107 HP. Together with the design department in 2019, the harness part was also designed for the next model of the Farmer tractor - 1028, which is equipped with the original English Perkins 1104C-44T engine. In 2019 -2020, “MSS Group” serially produces sets of wiring harnesses for tractors Farmer - 1028. It is great to be involved in widespread production projects in Ukraine. Due to the professional actions of the management of “Agromashinvest” LLC and high-quality components from Ukraine these products are included in the list of equipment that is subject to state compensation when purchased in Ukraine. Since January 2021, “MSS Group” has been working on the serial production of sets of wiring harnesses for tractor equipment of “Agromashinvest” LLC and recommends Farmer-1028 for purchases as a modern and high-quality agricultural equipment of Ukrainian production.

11.01.2021 «MSS Group»

Summing up the results of 2020, we would like to note the fruitful cooperation of the company "Flayts" LLC, a member of the group of companies "MSS Group", with the car assembly plant No. 1 of JSC AC BOGDAN MOTORS in Lutsk and thank the staff of the enterprise for the professionalism and high standards of enterprise management in matters of planning of production activities."Flayts" LLC has become the only supplier of high-voltage and low-voltage wire harnesses for serial production of modern Bogdan T90117 trolleybuses manufactured by order of PU "Kyivpastrans", Bogdan T70 trolleybuses, which already provide passenger transportation services in many cities of Ukraine, namely in Kharkiv, Poltava , Lutsk and others. The electrical wiring manufactured by "Flayts" LLC for Bogdan trolleybuses was made taking into account all the wishes of the customer to ensure the functioning of modern air conditioning systems, video surveillance, mobile terminals for voice communication and GPS monitoring, modern systems of fare payment and passenger traffic counting. The fruitful cooperation of the designers of our two enterprises made it possible to ensure high quality and significantly reduce the time required for assembling the electrical part of trolleybuses in production. A quick response to the order made it possible to ensure the timely fulfillment of contracts by JSC AC BOGDAN MOTORS, Lutsk.

20.12.2020 «MSS Group»

In November 2020, the “MSS Group” company fulfilled its contractual obligations to the State Enterprise "Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering named after A. A. Morozov" for the supply of sets of wiring harnesses for remotorization of BTR-4E machines. The work was carried out on time and in accordance with the design documentation. Once again the “MSS Group” proves its technical readiness to fulfill orders of wiring harnesses for the defense industry in high quality and reliability standards. “MSS Group” has passed the qualification procedure, received and confirmed the status of Supplier for Ukroboronprom State Concern. During 2015-2020, several agreements were signed with the State Enterprise "Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering. AA Morozov», on which wiring harness deliveries were executed and are executed for the enterprise. A group of leading specialists in harness production has been successfully trained at Tyco Electronics in the UK. If necessary, “MSS Group” is ready to manufacture products using TE/Raychem technology, which is relevant for production in modern military, aviation and other projects.

20.11.2020 «MSS Group»

Компанія «MSS Group» стала асоційованим членом Громадської Спілки «Ліга обороних підприємств»

Since December 2019, “MSS Group” has become an associated member of the League of Defense Enterprises public organization, which is an integral part of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. Today, the League of Enterprises Defense includes more than 60 leading domestic private companies - manufacturers of defense products in various areas of activity."MSS Group" is a reliable manufacturer of wiring harnesses for special and military equipment, a developer of design documentation for electrical equipment and an electrical harness part of the customer's equipment. Our company has experience and is ready to manufacture products according to modern world standards. The company's engineering staff has been trained in TE/Rayhem technology in the UK. The quality of the products is confirmed by the relevant certificates. We are ready to make your military and specialized equipment modern and reliable.

06.12.2019 «MSS Group»

Компанія «MSS Group» спеціалізується на виробництві джгутів проводів

For many years “MSS Group” has been a reliable partner for the production of cars and buses of the Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant. It is nice that even in difficult times for the automotive industry, ZAZ presents new bus models A08 and A10, which are equipped with engines of the environmental standard Euro 5, and are already in demand on the European market. The wiring harnesses on buses, which will be mastered with European carriers, are traditionally manufactured according to the highest quality standard at the production facilities of the "MSS Group", thus our products, together with partners, break onto the European market. In Ukraine, sales of buses produced by ZAZ are also gaining momentum, so A10 buses can already be found while boarding a plane at Borispol airport and on some city routes of regional centers. The A10 bus with the maximum equipment is offered for tourist services. A08 buses have several modifications for urban transport and school buses. The new models are a combination of only high-quality systems and components of European quality from the German DEUTZ engine, the KNORR BREMSE brake system, the ZF Sachs clutch and the electrical wiring produced by the “MSS Group”, Kamianske city.

12.11.2019 «MSS Group»

Компанія «MSS Group» спеціалізується на виробництві джгутів проводів

“MSS Group” specializes in the production of wire harnesses for the automotive industry: cars and trucks, city buses, suburban and school buses, agricultural machinery. In 2019, in cooperation with car assembly plant No. 1 of “PJSC “Bogdan Motors”, Lutsk, “MSS Group” began production and supply of wire harnesses for modern Bogdan trolleybuses. The quality of the harness products and their assembly that were produced by "MSS Group" is confirmed by the positive reviews of specialists on the assembly lines of "PJSC" AK "Bogdan Motors", Lutsk. We continue to improve technologies to meet the requirements of modern automobiles and mechanical engineering. It has been proven that "MSS Group" is a reliable partner for the majority of Ukrainian manufacturers of the automotive industry.

03.10.2019 «MSS Group»

Компанія «MSS Group» серійне виробництво джгутів проводів

“MSS Group” received a contract for serial production and supply of wire harnesses for “IC “POZHMASHINA” LLC. It is not the first year that our company has been cooperating with a modern Ukrainian manufacturer of fire trucks from the Ladan townlet. Our design department works together with the specialists of “IC “POZHMASHINA” LLC to improve electrical equipment and make changes to design documentation. The first batch of wiring harnesses of the year was delivered to “IC “POZHMASHINA” LLC production conveyor in September 2019 to fulfill the order of the State Emergency Service.

02.10.2019 «MSS Group»

«MSS Group» є виробником та постачальником джгутів проводів для санітарного автомобіля Богдан 2251, що виробляється серійно ПАТ «Автомобільна Компанія «Богдан Моторс» (Україна) на шасі Great Wall Wingle 5

“MSS Group” is a manufacturer and supplier of wiring harnesses for the Bogdan 2251 ambulance vehicle, which is serially produced at PJSC “Automobile Company “Bogdan Motors” (Ukraine) on the Great Wall Wingle 5 chassis. During 2017-2019, “Bogdan Motors” released more than two hundred ambulance vehicles Bogdan-2251 with wiring harnesses produced by "MSS Group". In addition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ambulances are also purchased by the National Guard of Ukraine. The ambulance serves to ensure the medical evacuation of the wounded, sick (including bedridden) from the medical units of military units, from military mobile hospitals and for the subsequent evacuation to the higher stages of medical establishments to provide basic or 1st level of medical care. The special purpose of the car requires maximum quality of the components and performed work. The “MSS Group” standards allow us to carry out this task perfectly.

22.08.2019 «MSS Group»

С Запорізським автомобільним заводом «MSS Group» успішно співпрацює вже  понад двох десятків років

“MSS Group” has been successfully cooperating with the Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant for more than two decades. “MSS Group” produced wire harnesses for the first serial Tavria cars, and with the launch of serial production of SENS and LANOS, VIDA and FORZA, our company was the main supplier of wire harnesses for their serial production.

ЗАЗ Форза

“MSS Group” manufacture is ready for large-scale production projects and proved it during the largest series production of these models in 2004-2008, sometimes ordering more than 20,000 pieces of wire harness kits monthly for series production, while ensuring high quality standards. We are proud that hundreds of thousands of cars produced by ZAZ around the world have been demonstrating high quality standards for more than ten years in the wiring harness part, which is produced at the facilities of the “MSS Group”. In all new projects of ZAZ, "MSS Group" is considered as a reliable partner with experience and high quality standards in production.

23.03.2019 «MSS Group»


1. The high qualification of the personnel allows us to execute complex tasks in accordance with the contract terms and European standards of quality.
2. In our production we use modern assembly materials and components. All those characteristics are consistent with the wishes of the customer and meet the quality requirements.
3. We provide additional services to customers as for designing and optimizing electrical circuits and wiring harnesses. We provide comprehensive service from the order to ready solution.
4. Our products are manufactured using modern technologies and equipment. We guarantee quality and compliance with technology.
5. Our staff constantly passes trainings and raises their qualifications to ensure high quality of the products and to performance any complex technical tasks.
6. We work with a large number of customers. This allows us to have a wide range and the required number of components available in stock.

Scheme of cooperation

Then please wait for contact to our specialist concerning your question.
Details of the task are discussed carefully with our specialists together.
We conclude an agreement and/or protocol of intentions.
We provide you with a price calculation. The next stage, as a rule, is the signing of the relevant specifications to the contract.
We are working and you receive the products of the appropriate quality, in time and in accordance with the agreed technical task.
* We are ready to visit your company to develop in details the technical task.


One of our main tasks is to create a modern and convenient service for our customers who order wiring harnesses. According to the world experience, the best solutions are complex and that is why we offer cooperation starting with the production of design documentation for the customer's technique. Our experience and qualifications allow us to optimize constructions of wiring harnesses while designing from electrical circuit stage to drawings and then while manufacturing those wiring harnesses. It is at this stage of the design that there is a possibility to reduce the cost and improve the technical characteristics of the finished product. Qualified employees of the design bureau of the company «MSS Group» (further - «MSS Group») are ready to develop or optimize wiring harnesses according to your order.
Please, contact a representative of «MSS Group» to discuss the conditions and details of cooperation in designing and production. To coordinate the technical tasks, our specialists are ready to work on the territory of the customer's production facilities. The cost of manufacturing design documentation is agreed upon additionally and depends on many factors, ranging from the complexity of the task, the design system and the conditions of long-term cooperation.
We actively cooperate with most of major Ukrainian automakers and deliver products to the conveyors of those enterprises. Within the frameworks of long-term contracts, our clients are:
  • PJSC «ZAZ», Zaporozhye, wiring harnesses for cars Lanos, SENS, Vida and for buses.
  • PJSC «AutoKrAZ», Kremenchug, trucks.
  • PJSC «Automobile Company «Bogdan Motors», Cherkassy.
  • PJSC «Automobile Company «Bogdan Motors», Lutsk, trolleybuses and buses.
  • CJSC «Borispol Automobile Plant», buses.
  • LLC «INDUSTRIAL COMPANY «POZHMASHINA», Chernihiv region, Priluksky district, Town of Ladan.
  • PJSC «Kremenchuk Wheel Plant», trailers.
State Concern «Ukroboronprom»’s enterprises:
  • State Enterprise «Kharkiv Morozov Machine-building Design Bureau»
  • State Enterprise «Kharkiv Special Machine Plant»
  • State Enterprise «Zhytomyr Armored Plant»
  • Private Stock Company «Plant «Kuznya on Rybalsky»
We produce products according to the technical requirements of the customer, as well as according to jointly agreed technical tasks.
Our technologists and designers are ready to carry out a technical analysis together with the customer and to agree upon a technical specification for production.
If your order requires the development of technical documentation, we will ensure the high quality of that documentation and its compliance with the requirements of the customer.

About the company

Our company «MSS» was founded in 1994. Over the course of more than twenty years, our main specialization was the development and production of a wide range of wiring harness products for the automotive and machine building industry. With extensive experience and skilled personnel, we are ready to carry out the complex tasks connected with the supplies of wiring harnesses for the automotive and machine-building industry. The design bureau of the company is working on the tasks of customers creating modern components for the automotive industry.

The company also carries out the development of design documentation, manufactures wiring harnesses for the automotive industry, including military purposes. The wiring harnesses produced by our company are used at many modern enterprises producing cars, trucks, special purpose vehicles, trailers and semitrailers, boats and other mobile vehicles. We are the main suppliers of wiring harnesses for many Ukrainian manufacturers. Our company has also experience of cooperation on foreign economic contracts. From 2006 till 2013, «MSS» was one of the main suppliers of electronics for the «GM Uzbekistan» automobile plant.

Nowadays there are more than 50 qualified technicians at our factory. They employ in the wiring harness workshops which are equipped with modern equipment for marking, cutting and checking the quality of wiring harness products. We work according to European and world standards, carefully planning our activities and this allows us to ensure the timing of production by order. According to the plan documentation, the Purchase Department generates permanent reserve of components in warehouses which guarantees customers the continuity of supply.The skilled personnel of the Marketing and Sales Department of the company works to fulfill customer orders, providing mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

We work for you and for your projects. This is a very responsible task which requires continuous training in modern world technologies of production and project management. Our specialists study in different countries from Ukraine to the United Kingdom in order for that knowledge to work on your orders and to build the Ukrainian economy.

Management of «MSS Group»:
Contract Department:
+38 067-444-3-555 (extra)